SS Series Helical Rotor Pumps

Southern Cross "SS" Series pedestal mounted helical rotor pumps suit a wide range of applications drawing water from surface supplies and are particularly suitable for high head and long distance pumping. Simplicity of design (only one moving part in pump element) and low maintenance are unique features of these pumps. Positive displacement pumping action gives outstanding power savings plus the ability to vary the output to suit the available water supply simply by changing the pump speed.


  • General water transfer and borehole applications
  • Particularly suited to low volume high pressure work
  • Stock watering, homestead and domestic water supplies


  • Positive displacement pumps for outputs to 2.2 litres per second
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Simplicity of design and reliable operation
  • Wide operating speed range for variable output


Heavy duty cast iron bearing housing and pedestal with stainless steel shaft running on high capacity packed for life ball bearings. Outlet is adjustable to either side of pump or for vertical discharge up or down. Pump shaft is sealed with a single mechanical seal while drive to the rotor is via a flexible stainless steel whip shaft designed to flex with the eccentric rotation of the rotor and eliminate the need for constant maintenance of costly universal joints.

The pumping element consists of a hard chrome plated and polished stainless steel helical rotor revolving in a moulded elastomer stator, producing a positive displacement, non-pulsating pumping action Output capacity is simply adjusted by variation of pump speed. These simple units require no adjustments, maintenance or lubrication.

Choice of bareshaft pumps for belt, pto or flexible coupling drive, close-coupled motorpump units, or packaged belt drive electric motor or engine powered units.

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Helical Rotor Borehole & Surface Mounted Pumps Helical Rotor Borehole & Surface Mounted Pumps (183 KB)

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